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Hello everyone someone of you know me some of you don't my name is Sinitus Tempo i am a producer/musician from Maryland and set on making some wonderful music for you guys. i have been producing for over 11 years now and i hope to continue making some awesome music for you. I have connected with the likes of substantial, MED, Jun Chikuma, add-2, azizi gibson and more. Ive also connected with companies such as roll 7, devolver digital, and funimation entertainment. I hope you guys enjoy and thank you for the love and support peace and bless.

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Sinitus Tempo
Washington, D.C.
If i wrote out my whole bio it would be an essay so instead just follow me on facebook and twitter Thanks Everyone.


Jerrell Damiano Maurice Wynn
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Jerrell Damiano Maurice Wynn I am glad that i'm doing the VIP for Sinitus Tempo. He is a very talented artist and his works inspires my artistic creativity to made very intriguing art pieces. I am also to be on board on supporting you. Thank you for sharing your music and staying with your fans. Worth the time and money.

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